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Do you want to tame the sun´s rays, regulate the temperature in a room or treat yourself to more privacy? You will find your solution here. Shading technology is not purely for dimming light, but often helps to save costs on air conditioning and heating, or helps prevent child allergies.
We custom produce external and internal shading for you. So it perfectly fits every home or apartment to provide shade to the terrace. Each of our products undergoes testing and a careful final inspection. Therefore, we can confidently provide an extended 4-year warranty.



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Are you planning to build or renovate and considering energy savings? External blinds, roller shutters and vertical façade awnings effectively control room temperature. In summer they lower it, in winter they protect against heat losses.


It is advisable to consider shading already in the project planning phase. External blinds, roller shutters and façade awnings in windows effectively protect against sunlight and dim the interior. Venetian blinds can be purchased later.


Consider quality sleep without noise and external light. Prepare your windows and external roller shutters ahead of time.


Shading protects against obnoxious insects. Insect screens can be installed in windows and doors. Anti-pollen mesh for allergy sufferers enables you to breath freely.



Our products


Venetian blinds

Climax Venetian blinds belong to the most widely used types internal shading solutions. Aluminium blinds continuously regulate the amount of light in the interior. They protect against the sun and curious neighbours. Suitable practically for any type of window. Attractive thanks to their affordability and simple maintenance. They find their place in family homes, apartments, ... (more info)


Venetian blinds IDX

The smooth operation of the chain facilitates handling and the privacy line version minimises light penetration through gaps between the slats. All this makes for a perfect and affordable shading system for every home. The IDX interior blinds reliably protect your privacy and their wide range of colours and options for the rounded upper rondo strip adds style to your home.

Venetian blinds Eko

The Venetian blinds Eko are a reliable model that will last you a long time. The Eko blinds are the only type with a flat head rail which can be made not only for standard windows but also for sloped versions. They are not intended for roof windows. The Venetian blinds Eko are controlled using a cord and wand.

Venetian blinds Max

Aluminium Venetian blinds Max do not only serve to control light. They are characterised by their design and quiet operation with a very reliable mechanism. This type ranks amongst the absolute best in Venetian blinds and is suitable for all vertical windows and doors. Both electric and manual controls are available.


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Climax fabric roller shutters made to measure protect against the sun´s rays and curious neighbours. They smoothly regulate incoming daylight in the interior. They are not only suitable for apartments and houses but also commercial buildings. Thanks to a rich selection of fabrics, you can combine them precisely with other accessories in the room. They give a living room ... (more info)


Fabric roller shutters Orion

Indoor fabric roller shutters Orion are suitable for all windows in both family as well as apartment buildings. They are particularly suitable as protection against looks from the outside or for dimming the interior. The roller shutter is attached directly on to the wing of the window. There is no risk of it falling out even with ventilation open. Thanks to its usefulness, wide selection of fabric patterns and box colours, this model is very popular. Fabric roller shutter is available also in the Orion offset and Orion offset Zebra versions.

Fabric roller shutters Calypso

If you are looking for affordable indoor roller shutters made to measure, the Calypso will be the choice. This simple yet elegant free-hanging roller shutter offers quality workmanship at a reasonable price. It is intended for family and apartment buildings and is installed in the space above the window when it does not prevent it from being opened.

Fabric roller shutters Varieta mini

Fabric roller shutters Varieta mini are a simple and stylish method for softening light and gaining more privacy at the same time. Their use is very quiet, so you will not disturb your partner or children sleeping in their room when pulling them up. You can choose from an extensive collection of fabrics, including blackout fabrics (with an increased shading effect).


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Vertical blinds made to measure are a decorative and practical shading element. They are ideal for shading French windows, sliding doors or large glazed areas. They find their use not only in households and offices but also in schools and hospitals. Vertical fabric blinds are also suitable for partitioning large floor areas, such as corridors, halls, schools and healthcare ... (more info)


Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a decorative indoor fabric shading solution. They are easy to control and effectively regulate the amount of light in the room. Their most appropriate application is on balcony and sliding doors, terrace entrances, French windows, angled windows or on all large glazed surfaces. They find their place in apartments, family homes, but also offices, schools and health facilities, where they are ideal for partitioning.


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A pleated blind is a pleated fabric blind. Unlike other types of fabric shading, on the window it can be pulled in both directions. A pleated blind made to measure is an elegant and practical solution for shading all types of windows. It will fit perfectly into any atypical window shape, with a diagonal or arch. It is suitable for apartments, family homes and offices. ... (more info)


Pleated shading for standard windows and doors

Pleated blinds are folded fabric blinds that are great indoors for any door or window. They are ideal for opening, tilting and roof windows of for balcony doors. Their advantage over standard Venetian blinds is the ability of the fabric to be pulled in both directions. In this way a shading band can be created, for example, in the middle of the window. Climax offers special textiles with protective treatment for high-moisture environments, so pleated blinds can be safely used even in bathrooms.

Pleated shading for conservatories

Pleated blinds are increasingly being utilised for shading conservatories. It is a very elegant and effective form of shading comprising of a pleated fabric.
Climax offers resistant technical fabrics with hydrophobic treatment that are particularly suitable for conservatories.

Pleated shading in non-traditional shapes

Do you need to shade an atypically shaped window? Pleated blinds will easily fit any window shape, whether angled, arched or angled. Pleated blinds for atypical windows can be movable or fixed. Movable blinds are used for shading angled, half-round and quarter-round windows. Fixed pleated blinds without control options are manufactured in the shape of a triangle and use for permanent shading of windows and can also be installed on roof windows.


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Japanese sliding panels from Climax are a modern method for internal shading. Japanese sliding panels comprise of fabric panels and a riding rail. In households they can easily provide shading to large glazed surfaces. They are also suitable for separating areas in an apartment or room and for partitioning corridors, halls, large offices, areas in hospitals and in schools.


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japanese sliding panels


External blinds

Climax external blinds are the most frequently used shading element on homes or apartment buildings. These blinds enable you to stop the sun´s rays before they reach the windows. By tilting the slats, you can provide both ventilation and regulate the amount of light in the interior. External blinds function both night and day, protecting your privacy and creating a pleasant ... (more info)


External blind Protal

The outstanding quality of the premium external blind Protal ranks it amongst the best blinds. It has a minimalist appearance without cords, a sturdy all-metal design and a durable surface coating that will withstand even the most demanding conditions. The U-shaped 0.6 mm thick slats ensure complete shading and extreme wind resistance up to 88 km/h. Rubber seals on the slats ensure they are very quiet when closing. Unlike other types of blinds, the Protal blind slats are easy to replace.

External blind T-80

External blinds T-80 are perfectly suited to today´s modern buildings. They provide shade not only to family houses and apartment buildings but also schools and offices. It is characterised by its rectangular T-shaped slat. Amongst its advantages are its low stack height thanks to a slat width of 80 mm, better slat closure and high wind resistance.

External blind C-80

External blinds C-80 are popular thanks to the medium slat width and their ability to shade large windows. The slats have a width of 80 mm and because they are curved to a C shape it is possible to turn the blinds to both sides. Of course, without fear of damaging them. The rotation option is then similar to Venetian blinds.


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External roller shutters

Climax external roller shutters will prevent any sun rays from entering and afford you sleep in absolute darkness and without noise. External roller shutters protect windows against heavy rain and UV radiation. They are suitable for windows on weekend houses, ground-floor storefronts or high-rise buildings. The can be fitted with integrated insect screens or a pull-up ... (more info)


External roller shutters

External aluminium roller shutters perfectly protect against the sun and the curious glares of neighbours. Their plate is made up of aluminium slats with a cover height of 37 mm and are filled with PUR foam. Thanks to this, these window roller shutters significant reduce noise and regulate the temperature in the room. In winter they can reduce heating costs by as much as 30 %.

External roller shutters s_onro®

The most luxurious model in this category are external roller shutters s_onro®. With the roller shutters partially pulled down, you can ventilate and they do not prevent your views of the outside, which is often a characteristic of external blinds. Or draw them down completely to achieve full darkness. Compared to standard external roller shutters, the s_onro® roller shutters will allow in up to 21 % more light. Between the slats of the drawn-down plate, one can see a long illumination. The slats have the lowest cover height of just 10 mm.

Plastic external roller shutters

External roller shutters with plastic slats PVC 37 are a cheaper alternative to aluminium roller shutters. They are more suitable for shading smaller windows. They are not filled with PUR foam but will provide perfect protection against the sun and protect your windows against rain and soiling. Just like the aluminium roller shutters, when pulled down, these plastic counterparts create an air cushion between themselves and the window, which functions as an insulation layer.


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Fixed insect screens

Fixed insect screens from Climax are primarily suited for standard windows both plastic and wooden. They are installed directly on to the window frame and when anchoring certain types of fixed insect screens it is not even necessary to drill into the window frame. These insect screens are easy to remove for winter and to reinstall in the windows in spring.


Fixed insect screens EXT-16

Insect screen EXT-16 is suitable for both standard windows as well as windows with significantly arched frames. It is attached using rotating hooks and so there is no need to tamper with the window, e.g. by drilling into it. For the winter season, you can remove the screen, while in summer it will provide effective protection against obnoxious insects. Allergy sufferers will appreciate the special mesh that prevents the entry of pollen into the room.

Fixed insect screens – mesh 25 mm

Treat yourself to a peaceful sleep even by an open window with fixed insect screens from Climax. Insect screens 25 mm have a very thin frame and can be installed on both wooden as well as plastic windows without the need to drill into their frame.

Fixed insect screens – mesh 36 mm

The advantage of this insect screen is its increased rigidity and stability, therefore you can install it even in larger-format windows that are often made from aluminium. Maximum dimensions are 150 x 240 cm. They most often attached to windows using Z-hooks, which do not require any drilling in the frame.


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Sliding insect screens

Sliding insect screens from Climax will guarantee peaceful sleep. They are suitable namely for large sliding doors. However, they will also find their place on French windows or on terrace entrances. For their installation, it is necessary to plan for sufficient room for the insect screen sliding to the side. Thanks to integrated travel wheels, using them is very smooth ... (more info)


Sliding insect screens in rails

It provides effective and practical protection against obnoxious insects. This type is intended primarily for large French windows or terrace doors. The advantage of sliding screens are their low demands on space.

Sliding insect screens in a frame R1

It is a single-wing insect screen seated in a larger outer frame in which it then moves. Therefore, this insect screen is particularly suitable for sliding doors or French windows.
The insect screen in frame R1 is fitted with a sealing brush and a double-sided handle. Quiet and smooth operation is enabled by travel wheels. The extruded frame profiles and insect screen wings guarantee high stability and rigidity.

Sliding insect screens in a frame R2

Two sliding wings with insect screens mounted in a single frame are able to move independently of each other for easy access to the terrace. At the same time, they provide perfect and non-toxic protection against obnoxious insects. This system is suitable for sliding doors or large French windows up to a width of 3.4 m.


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sliding insect screens


Window roll-up insect screens

Window roll-up insect screens are appreciated by those who wish to enjoy unobstructed visibility out the window. They are an appropriate alternative to fixed insect screens. The mesh can be quickly and easily pulled up into the top protective box using either a cord or handle. The aluminium frame not only looks stylish but also ensures high strength and a long lifetime.


Roll-up insect screens (window) Rolo hook

Rolo hook is a self-winding roll-up insect screen with an upper box that moves in aluminium guide rails fitted with a sealing brush. When it is pulled down, the insect screen is held in place by hooking into the bottom fixed profile. Best-in-class workmanship ensures a long product lifetime and a timeless design.

Roll-up insect screens (window) Rolo klik

Rolo klik is a self-winding roll-up screen with a top rectangular box that protects it when it is pulled up. The frame of the insect screen is made from extruded profiles that guarantee high rigidity and stability. Along the sides, the insect screen moves in aluminium guide rails fitted with a sealing brush. The pulled down insect screen is secured in place by clicking in the profile in the bottom part of the guide rails.


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window roll-up insect screens


Door insect screens

Door insect screens from Climax are intended for all types of doors. Door insect screens can be opened and mounted on door frames using hinges. Additional options include self-closing hinges to make life even easier. In the closed position, the door insect screen is held in place using magnets that are located inside the insect screen frame. For pet owners, we manufacture ... (more info)


Door insect screens Lux

They can be used in all types of doors, including those that have some sort of angled edge. What is important, is that there is sufficient space for opening the insect screen.
Insect screens LUX can be perfectly matched with doors thanks to a wide range of colours and patterns. At the same time, it is possible to outfit them with a dog or cat door.

Door insect screens Extra

A universal insect screen for every door with a very thin frame and section, whilst providing high rigidity thanks to pressed-in metal corners. The entire perimeter of the insect screen is fitted with a sealing brush that ensures a perfect seal between the frame of the insect screen and the door frame. Door insect screens can also be fitted with a dog or cat door, or even self-closing hinges. In the closed position, it is held in place by magnets that are integrated in the frame of the insect screen.

Door insect screens Ultra

This is the only insect screen that we offer, which consists of its own rigid frame and a hinged wing frame with the insect screen. This type is installed as a single block.


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door insect screens


Door roll-up insect screens

Climax door roll-up insect screens are the ideal solution for doors around which there is not enough room. The advantage is that the insect screen is quickly pulled up on the protective box whenever you need to walk through the door. The pulled up insect screen is held in place using a magnet. Door roll-up insect screens are suitable for all balcony doors or terrace entrances.


Roll-up insect screens (window) Rolo magnet

The door insect screen Rolo magnet provides effective and practical protection against insects. The main advantages of these insect screens are their simple operation, low space demands and their appearance. They are ideal in all locations where there is insufficient space for a hinged or sliding door insect screen.


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door roll-up insect screens


Pleated insect screens

Modern pleated insect screens from Climax are not only effective protection against insects but also a modern accessory for balcony doors and terrace entrances. The pleated insect screen is made from a pleated fabric that will decorate your home. The mesh is non-corroding, handles temperature differences well and is practically invisible on the window. The insect screen ... (more info)


Door pleated screen

Pleated insect screens serve as effective protection from insects as well as an impressive desing accessory. Their advantage is an elegant appearance, simple handling or the possibility to cover a large area by combining several modules. It is mainly used for entrances to the terrace or balcony, where they allow barrier-free passage.


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pleated insect screens


Screen roller blinds

A modern alternative to external roller shutters and blinds are vertical façade awnings from Climax. Façade awnings protect against the sun, will handle wind and liven up the façade on any building. They will not allow sunbeams to enter the room but at the same time allow in enough daylight. On pergolas, side screen awnings function as wind barriers. All the fabrics ... (more info)


Screen roller blinds Unirol Z

The screen roller blind Unirol Z has, thanks to the zip that is welded on both sides of the fabric an increased wind resistance. It is a screen (together with Zipro and Niche) with a ZIP system in the vertical awning category. It combines all the trends and meets your high requirements. It is an aesthetic accessory for every façade and can also be used as a side awning for a pergola. You have 4 basic construction colours and a wide range of fabrics to choose from.

Screen roller blinds Unirol R

The screen roller blind Unirol R provide the perfect protection against the sun and heat, considerably increasing comfort. If you do not wish to lose contact with your surroundings, we recommend the use of a special perforated fabric. It provides shade while ensuring partial outward visibility. Thanks to its universal installation on walls, window frames or laterally into reveals, this awning can be used on windows as well as side shading on pergolas.

Screen roller blinds Unirol C

The Unirol C façade awning belongs to external textile roller shutters that protect against the sun while retaining pleasant light conditions for both home and the office. The façade awning captures the sun´s rays before they fall on the glass of the window. The window pane is not heated up and the interior is not overheated unnecessarily.


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Are you looking for shading for your apartment or house? Are you building, renovating or want to give yourself more comfort? Choose from our wide range of external and interior shading products, patio and terrace shading and insect screens.



For faster quotation processing, you can enter the following basic information in the notes:

  • dimensions (width x height) and number of pieces
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